Facilitating Group Participation – Detailed Agenda

Week 1: Grounding Principles

Explain convergent and divergent thinking
Understand the values of participatory methods
Understand the benefits of assuming an opposing point of view
Understand the process of inclusive decision making
Understand the various legitimate roles that meeting participants play
Understand how new ideas emerge from disagreement and dicussion

Week 2: Facilitative Listening Skills
Understand the techniques that can increase listening ability
Know how to enable others to shift from expressing to listening
Understand the benefits of a variety of listening techniques
Understand the challenges of particular listening techniques

Week 3: Chartwriting Techniques
Know the importance of scribing procedures
Know how to use color to make flip charts appealing
Know how to use graphics effectively on flip charts and visuals
Know the importance of color and graphics in effective flip charts
Know the different types of markers and their characteristics

Week 4: Brainstorming
Understand how to help a group to build consensus with diverging ideas
Understand how to work with the group to create their own rules
Know how to use breakout rooms in a virtual meeting
Understand techniques for keeping an open discussion flowing
Understand the legitimacy of everyone’s opinions

Week 5: Facilitating Discussions
Know methods to vary participation and group energy
Understand the importance of the debriefing process
Understand the differences in communication styles
Know the different techniques to encourage participation and understanding

Week 6: Effective Agendas
Understand the building blocks of effective agendas
Understand the options and importance of involving participants in taking a lead in the agenda
Understand the use of detailed agendas with defined outcomes
Understand the timing of various agenda items and placement
Understand the levels of participant involvement
Understand the benefit of sequencing agenda items

Week 7: Dealing With Difficult People
Understand the legitimacy of everyone’s opinion
Understand the dynamics of shared understanding
Understand how the stance of a facilitator affects the group