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               Your Meeting Coach

Your Meeting Coach

How We Work Together - As your facilitator, together we determine the desired outcome of your meeting and the necessary participants.  The meeting design is reviewed by you and together we design a structure that will insure a group process.  A group that helps to design the outcome will support what they help to construct.  An independent professional facilitator can keep you on track and on time.

Tools and options are available for pre-meeting, during meeting and after-meeting followup.  We want to insure that your goals are accomplished and a structure is in place for continuous progress.

Technology of Participation (ToP) ®  - Whether in person or virtually, the Technology of Participation (ToP)® group processes help groups think, talk and work together by using structured methods to:

  • Recognize and honor contributions of all
  • Let a group deal with more data in less time
  • Pool individual contributions into larger more informative and inclusive patterns
  • Welcome diversity while minimizing polarization and conflict
Virtual Participatory Meetings - Virtual Facilitation can be an effective tool when your participants cannot travel to one location and if your group requires frequent short meetings, connecting virtually with a professional facilitator team is productive, effective tool for group collaboration.

Based on your desired outcome, the facilitator will design the meeting format for review and agreement. For those organizations that have less technically savvy members, the chosen technology insures that time is spent on the meeting and not troubleshooting the meeting.

All facilitating software and services are included in the facilitation services delivered.  We work from a variety of platforms that are best suited for your needs.

A facilitated meeting can save time and money when teams of people need to gather to:

  • Make decisions – choose products, services, change procedures
  • Focus their future – mission, vision, values
  • Evaluate projects
  • Gathering and evaluate input
  • Refocus committee work to meet strategic goals
  • Retreat to build community with members 

In addition to strategic planning facilitation, we can provide meeting facilitation for any type of meeting.  An unbiased and skilled facilitator will  keep the discussion on track, on time, and on point.

Personality Types - It is important that your facilitator understand and connect with the different personalities involved in your strategic planning.  Sometimes the most quiet person has the best ideas.  It is very critical that you get involvement and buy in from all participants.  You don’t necessarily compromise as much as you cooperatively come up with a solution that all parties can support wholeheartedly.

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