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ToP® Facilitation Methods

Description: Demonstrates proven ways to achieve group participation including effective conversations, gaining consensus and motivating action.  Teaches the three ToP Facilitation Methodologies that are the basis for all other ToP Courses. 

1. The ToP® Focused Conversation: provides a context for meaningful communication. It is used to facilitate group discussions, which allow members to share diverse perspectives in a productive and non-confrontational way. 

2. The ToP® Consensus Workshop: facilitates group consensus-based decisions that respect the diversity of perspectives within the group inspire individual action and move the group toward joint resolve and action. 

3. The ToP® Action Planning Process: is used to plan an event or project.  This process clarifies and delineates the task and aligns the creativity, capabilities, interests, and resources of the group.  The group decides necessary actions, roles, and responsibilities.  The process builds trust, support enthusiasm, and consensus. 


  • Learn a structured process to lead a meaningful exchange of ideas and make crucial decisions together.
  • Learn proven methods to shape and ask questions that stimulate candid feedback and discussion. 
  • Obtain a framework for any group process, from a small workshop to a multi-day conference. 
  • Obtain problem-solving techniques to bring many diverse ideas into a consensus. 
  • Develop action plans and strategies in a fraction of the time needed by traditional methods. 
  • See the three methods demonstrated.
  • Volunteers receive coaching in applying the methodologies through hands-on practice. 

Agenda Day One


  • Introductions/Overview on Facilitative Leadership
  • Introduction of the Focused Conversation Method
  • Demonstration of the Focused Conversation Method 
  • Walk-Through of the Theory of the Focused Conversation Method 
  • Preparation of Focused Conversations for Practice


  • Practice of the Focused Conversation Method 
  • Introduction of the Consensus Workshop Method
  • Demonstration of the Consensus Workshop Method 
  • Walk-Through of the Consensus Workshop Method 
  • Application of the Consensus Workshop Method

    Agenda Day Two


    • Review of the Methods and Applications 
    • Introduction of the Action Planning Method 
    • Demonstration of the Action Planning Method 
    • Walk-through of the Action Planning Method


    • Applications of the Action Planning Method
    • Preparation for Practice of Consensus Workshop Method 
    • Small group practice sessions with debrief
    • Applications of Methods in a real situation


    • Engage and motivate groups for action. 
    • Save time and money with increased productivity.
    • Increase confidence in facilitating team meetings. 
    • Heighten effectiveness in leading team communications and input sessions. 
    • Gain higher engagement, motivation and greater results from teams or community groups. 

    Who Should Take This Course:  

    • Facilitators, trainers and consultants
    • Those beginning their facilitation journey
    • Those who lead or attend many meetings
    • Organizational leaders and managers responsible for strategic and operational planning
    • Project managers responsible for organizational operations and project action campaigns
    • Local, state and federal leaders responsible for program development, project implementation, and policy formation. 

    Options for Workshops:  Public Workshops or Customized In House Workshops for 10 or more.
    Prerequisite:  None
    Length of Workshop:  2 days  8:30am - 5:00 p

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