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The Florida Department of Health recently held 12 Technology of Participation Workshops on Facilitation Methods for the DOH staff.  Attendees were from many sectors of the public health industry including Tobacco Free Florida.  Here is what they said about the training workshop they attended.   Email us your success stories and challenges and we will share them for you.

  • Very useful methods. Excellent tools provided and modified versions for practical use.
  • This training is amazing, the ORID method has honestly changed my life.
  • You leave with a wealth of knowledge for ToP Methods, Consensus and Action Plan.
  • A very valuable training for anyone who works in the community.
  • You won't regret taking this training.  
  • With the "Ah-Ha!" moment(s) - experiences for real life work situations 
  • The ToP Facilitation was very informative and provided tools that can be actually used in Public Health.  It was not just another workshop and enhanced our skills to be better serving our communities.
  • This is excellent training!  Very engaging, unlike anything I've been involved in, in the past.
  • Absolutely take this course
  • Best facilitation training I've been to.  
  • This workshop is finally a workshop that is educational, intriguing, engaging and fun.  It can be applied to any walk of life, in any situation.
  • This training has so many applications in my personal and professional life.  FDOH should make this a requirement for anyone that does community work.   
  • The training was motivational and educational.  I enjoyed the facilitators and participants.
  • This experience was invigorating and fun.  The learning experience was great, active and inclusive.
  • It changed my entire training/ facilitating mindset.  Thank You!
  • I finally learned the recipe for the magic.  
  • If this is the new wave of training, then I can't wait to see the government worker world in 20 years.  It will be so wonderful.  Kelly
    Truly amazing.  I now have the tools I've been needing.  Who knew conversations could be so focused?
  • I would recommend it to anyone who works in public health, education, and community settings.
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed this training and the level of engagement.  I feel as thought I am ready to go facilitate action planning, focused conversations and consensus workshops.  This has been one of the best, most informative and interactive training I have attended.  Loved it!
    ToP Facilitation Training will be vital in each of our perspective areas.
  • Wish I'd had it years ago! Linda
  • Anyone and everyone who facilitates meetings should attend this course.
  • Extremely applicable - opens eyes to ways to turn conversation into action.  
  • Excellent training. I was engaged the entire two days and I have enjoyed this training immensely and will utilize the skills learned.
  • Excellent tool for raising the bar on facilitating and effective meeting.
  • Great experience!  I feel so much better equipped to facilitate group projects.
  • This training widens the spectrum on how to manage meetings, workshops and even personal situations in the most effective and successful way.  I loved it!
  • If you lead or participant in a group, large or small, this ToP Training is for you!  You will not be disappointed.
  • This training was fantastic in providing methods and tools that can be applicable with any subject matter.
  • Excellent training!  Informative, detailed, organized with graphic organizers and follow up.  I was very impressed and empowered to begin the facilitation process with my community and family.
  • At the start can feel overwhelming, stick with it as the layers come off - the light comes on - well worth sticking around to the end!
  • Excellent way to learn!
  • Active - not boring!
  • Overall - outstanding!
  • Very useful information, will make working with groups much easier.
  • This training will expand my ability to facilitate and effective meeting.
  • Complete this training!  It is very eye opening and ability to use at work and home environment.
  • One of the best training I have been involved in.  Came away with much more than anticipated.
  • This was amazing and insightful training that helps community managers re-energize a jaded outlook on meetings and events.
  • This blew my mind on how it can so easily be applied to the work I do.

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