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Meetings that Work - Minimum 14 participants - 2 day workshop

 Design and facilitate effective meetings

In today’s world of truncated timelines, in­creased workloads and demands for workplace democracy, we need group decisions made quickly, positively and with diminished frustra­tion. We also need to ensure that meetings are effective, efficient and highly productive. This course is designed for the person who needs tools to enhance participation and productivity in various types of meetings.

You can:

• Move a group toward consensus.
• Diminish frustration in your meetings.
• Get better results from your meetings.
• Get people more involved.
Enable people to become more productive

 Learn how to:

• Increase the productivity of the group.
• Focus the purpose and intent of large and small meetings.
• Aid the group in its decision-making pro­cesses.
• Handle difficult situations in groups.
• Match process tools to each group's needs.
• Design effective agendas.
• Create participatory environments.
• Develop a sense of teamwork among team members.

This course includes descriptions, with ref­erences, of 72 facilitation tools and meth­ods used by professional facilitators. You will learn how to design effective agenda items, meetings and facilitated events. Practice is an important component in this course.

Who Should Take This Course?

Meeting coordinators, supervisors, managers, inexperienced facilitators, Executive Directors, board members, team leaders, consultants, community leaders, teachers, health practitioners.

Links to Certificates and Certification

Meetings That Work is a core course and is needed for:
• IAF Professional Facilitator Program 

The Daily Structure

Day One

Day Two

Session One: Participating in Meetings.

-       Keys to effective meetings

-       Nature of dialogue

-       Ladder of involvement

Session Three: Designing Meetings

-       Healthy communication

-       STEPS for effective meeting

-       Meeting design

Session Two: Planning Agenda Items

-       Agenda design

-       Detailed processes

-       Tools and techniques

Session Four: Facilitating Meetings

-       Stages of the journey

-       Social styles

-       Challenging situations

How is this course different from other ToP courses?

·      This course is for the person who coordinates and leads meetings, and wants to know how the professionals do it.

·      This course is for meeting coordinators who want to know how to make meetings that stay on track, get results in the meeting, and have effective follow-up built in to the design.

Prerequisite: None
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