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Meetings That Work - 2 day course - 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
We know meetings are necessary. We also know that meetings are frustrating and are seen by many as a waste of time. It doesn’t have to be that way. In today’s world of tight finances, truncated timelines, increased workloads and demands for workplace democracy, working together is a given. We know we need to make group decisions. We’d like to make them in a positive atmosphere and as quickly as possible. If you want meetings that are participatory, effective and productive, Meetings That Work can help. Tall order? Perhaps, but we believe the tools in this course will prepare you to be a better meeting facilitator – a better facilitative leader. Meetings That Work provides facilitative methods and tools for planning and leading meetings.


 Design Effective
 Get Better
Meeting Results

 Create a Participatory

Gain Confidence as a
Facilitative Leader

Prepare more thoroughly
 Increase group productivity
 Handle diverse situations
Learn highly useful tools and techniques
Create engaging agendas
 Enable groups to get results
 Deal with difficult situations
 Enhance meaningful participation
Construct meaningful questions
 Create solid group consensus
 Develop a sense of teamwork
Communicate more effectively

This course covers 4 major areas

 Enhancing participation and group productivity
Planning and facilitating
agenda items

 Designing and
orchestrating meetings
Playing the role of meeting
facilitator more effectively

It will help you to understand how to
increase group participation and make
group decision making more effectively.

It will provide you with practical tools for facilitating agenda items in meetings
 A section on planning, preparing for and facilitating whole meetings
Throughout the course, there will be valuable tools, contexts and guidelines that will deepen your capacities as a facilitative leader

This class can be tailored for your organization and offered as an in-house private class.  The minimum number for a private class is 14 and the maximum is 20.  

Participants are offered a one-hour coaching session as followup at no additional charge.  Also participants will be invited to join the virtual co-hort of attendees.   Meetings are held online quarterly.

Meetings That Work will help you plan, prepare and facilitate effective meetings. It will enable you to...

  • Enhance participation and group productivity
  • Plan and facilitate meeting agenda items
  • Design and orchestrate meetings
  • Play the role of meeting facilitator more effectively
Meetings That Work is designed for anyone who plans and leads meetings on a regular basis
  • Examples include:

    • Organizational leaders and managers responsible for strategic and operational planning meetings.
    • Project managers responsible for guiding a whole project cycle.
    • Team leaders responsible for organizational operations and project implementation.
    • Community leaders responsible for planning and implementing action campaigns.
    • Government officials responsible program development, project implementation and policy formation.
    • Facilitators responsible for enabling group productivity.

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