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I am a Know-IT-ALL

26 Mar 2016 9:52 PM | Anonymous

Nothing could be further from the truth, but so many times that is the impression we give people when we refuse to seek others opinions and input.

Many times we “think” we know the answer to our questions.  Therefore, we don’t ask.  We feel that we understand other situations so well that we don’t need to ask them.   We don’t need to survey them.  We don’t need to tell others  what they think is important.

When you don’t seek out feedback you are missing out on….

  1. Letting others know that you value what they think.
  2. Taking the time to put yourself in others “shoes”, empathize with them, their situation and points of view. You may even get a “new view” yourself.
  3. Asking for others opinions, and listening with intention to what they say.  Seeking to understand the meaning in their words.
  4. You miss the opportunity to develop a trusting friendship. Showing that you value someones’ opinion is the truest form of appreciation and respect.

When you fail to ask others what they think, you are short-changing yourself.  You have only one set of experiences  to base your assumptions on….your experiences.  Everyone experiences life differently, has different realities and different answers.  It is up to you to invite others to share their point of view and their answers.  You may even surprise yourself with the answers you receive.  You may find out you really don’t know it all.

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